Orchestra X Webinar Next Week

If You Liked the Original Medium Post, You Might Like This

The most popular post I’ve written to date is Orchestra X: The Results, with tens of thousands of views, shared by prominent industry bloggers and publications, and ultimately picked up by The Wall Street Journal. ArtsReach invited me to give a webinar on the topic, scheduled for next week on Thursday, September 7.

If you’ve enjoyed reading any of my posts to date, and like me are hungry to change the narrative for symphony orchestras, you’re invited join in and hear how the California Symphony has implemented changes based on our Orchestra X findings, how our concerts are selling out because of it, and how your organization can take real (and easy!) actionable steps to do the same.

Oh, and it’s free! Registration link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6381679120930492930?splash=false

“The Steve Jobs of classical music.” (Observer) Working to change the narrative for this business.

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