Conference Season Wrap

New Takes and New Topics (Thank You for Asking!)

Every two weeks this summer brought me somewhere new, speaking on topics from audience development to UX research to management essentials to tips for millennial leaders. And then many of you requested the recordings!

Welcome to fall, when most performing arts organizations have just begun or are about to begin our new seasons. As busy as fall can be, for me, it was summer that was the whirlwind: over the last two years, my posts here on Medium have gained so much traction thanks to all of you reading and sharing that invitations for speaking engagements across the country have been steady, and since this past May (read: conference season for all us arts administrators), about every two weeks I was somewhere new, practicing the various talks on evenings and weekends because I believe in this work. What an exciting time of professional adventures!

Originally, I filmed these presentations for my own personal study recordings — I’d watch shortly after the talk, take notes on how to improve my delivery, and then delete — which means the earliest talks of the summer are no longer saved because I didn’t have the thought that others wanted these videos until people started asking for them. Duly noted, and per your many requests, I’ve compiled everything I do have below.

As I said on Twitter, classical music is my vehicle to do the things I care about: championing equality, social justice, and rebuilding a following for an art form that is often misunderstood. Hearing this work is helpful to others is what keeps me going. Hopefully all of this content is fuel for you as you begin your new season, and at the end I have a little surprise to share.

Without further ado:

The Long Haul Model

Original Post:

Small Budget & Regional Orchestras

(Only my portion of the talk is captured here.) Slides: Original Post: I haven’t written a dedicated post on this as I created this presentation just for the Essentials group.

Orchestra X: The Short Version

Slides: Original Post:

10 Strategies for Millennial Leaders

Slides: Original Post: No post on this…yet…let me know if you’d like one.

Content Marketing

Slides: Original Post:

Orchestra X: 21st Century Lessons Not for Just Millennials

Bad news: I don’t have a video of this talk.

Good news: I’m giving it again coming up very soon at Capacity Interactive’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp for the Arts.

More bad news: the conference is sold out.

Finally, the best news (and aforementioned little surprise): they are going to live stream it on their Facebook page! So if you like any of the talks above or liked the original blog post that went viral, I invite you to join in live on Thursday, October 18, 2018, 4:30 pm Eastern Time. And please invite your staffs and boards to watch as well.

Update — here it is:

P.S. If you like my articles, then you will love Capacity Interactive as they put out so much great content for anyone interested in arts marketing. Go ahead and start following them now. For real.

P.S.S. I was on their podcast earlier this year, which you can listen to here or get the full list of episodes of guests, including Michael Kaiser, Jane Chu, Afa Dworkin, Jill Robinson, and on and on here.

Watch it live on October 18: Original Post:

Fuel for the Season

About the Author

A graduate of Rice University with degrees in Music Performance and Business, for the last 15 years Bergauer has used music to make the world around her better, through programs that champion social justice and equality, through marketing and audience development tactics on the forefront of trends and technology, and through proving and sharing what works in the rapidly changing landscape of funding, philanthropy, and consumer behavior. If ideas are a dime a dozen, what separates Bergauer is her experience and record of execution and impact at institutions of all sizes. Praised for her leadership which “points the way to a new style of audience outreach,” (Wall Street Journal) and which drove the California Symphony to become “the most forward-looking music organization around” (Mercury News), Bergauer’s ability to strategically and holistically examine and advance every facet of the organization, instilling and achieving common goals and vision across what are usually siloed marketing, development, and artistic departments, is creating a transformational change in the audience, in the office, on the stage, in the community, and is changing the narrative for the classical music industry.

“The Steve Jobs of classical music.” (Observer) Working to change the narrative for this business.

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